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Private Sessions

Paul Zuromski, Publisher, Body Mind Spirit magazine says: “I have found you to be one of the most objective and accurate intuitives I have met. Your trance style is very much like Edgar Cayce’s, including the ability to “get out of the way” of the information coming through,  therefore you “color” it as little as possible while it passes through you to the recipient. You are one of the few intuitives I recommend when asked: “Where can I find a good psychic?”

Since 1975, Douglas has been counselling people from all walks of life. Using his intuitive abilities, he can peer into the hidden causes of a circumstance, or he can project his mind into the future to predict a probable outcome. Douglas can help you get to the root cause of your difficulty, so that you can truly heal and evolve to be the person you were born to be. He offers two types of private consulting services: a Clairvoyant Consultation and a Quantum Meditation™ Consultation

I. Clairvoyant Consultation (45 mins)

In this consultation, Douglas gives you his clairvoyant insight, guidance, and advice on everyday issues from relationships, to health, to finance, and more. He can help you come up with options for stressful situations you are facing and give insight into the future outcome of a decision. This may help you make a more informed choice now, when faced with several options. For your convenience, this is available by phone or FaceTime™.

II. Quantum Meditation™ Consultation (30 / 60 mins)

If you have a serious health condition that requires more detail, you may consider booking a Quantum Meditation™ Consultation. Douglas can go through a body, system by system, down to the cellular level and explain what is malfunctioning, what has caused the condition, and what may be done to return the body to balance. Often, this will explore the mental and emotional causes of health issues, and not merely the physical. Suggestions for treatment will often include a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing the body’s own natural healing capabilities when given proper support by qualified health professionals. If you have explored all options, and still have a vexing health concern, this may be right for you. The consultation is recorded and will be available for immediate download following the session (MP3 format).

III. Pre-Recorded Quantum Meditation™ Research Sessions

In addition, Douglas offers audio recordings of Quantum Meditation™ Consultations on a variety of special interest research topics. Be sure to also check the Books and E-books section for our selection of verbatim e-transcripts.

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